Sunday, July 3, 2011

Free July Calendar

I love this illustration so much so I turned it to a July 2011 calendar. Originally, I made this for Illustration Friday's Midsummer Night topic. I thought I'll share it here. Just click on it.

I usually get my desktop calendars from Del Artful, but he's probably busy these days so I took the initiative to make mine.

It looks square but this calendar looks lovely when you stretch it in your desktop. Here's how it looks on my desktop:

I hope you like it!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

IF: Midsummer Night

Midsummer Night ornament

I love the moon.
I want to be with it.
But it doesn't look good up close anyway.
So, I'll be content watching it from afar

on this beautiful midsummer night.

Midsummer night? I have no idea what that is. Living in a city where the climate is roughly the same all throughout the year, solstice, equinox, etc just don't mean a thing. But what I gather from the internet it seems to be like the most beautiful night to stay out late and just enjoy the night. So, if I had to spend a night so late, I'd like to sit by myself in the top of a grassy hill and enjoy watching the night sky.

I sketched this in ink on a piece of oslo paper, and I photographed it. With Photoshop I applied color. I wanted to do it VanGogh style. But its too painful on the wrist. I wished to capture the beauty of the night and being one with nature for at least a night.

But when I made this, I was actually trying to represent some things in my life. Things that are just so out of reach for now that I'd need a rocket with the whole world's fuel supply just to reach it. Right now, I'll be content watching them from afar. Soon I'll have the strength to reach them.

You might like this, a free July 2011 calendar!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

IF: Lauch

This is the first time I draw a woman with her head facing side ways. It's pretty difficult. I have to try and make the lips give the correct expression I want. Well, I just draw this one in ink and pencil, photograph it and colored it in Photoshop. It's a bit sloppy. But right now I'm in a bit of a hurry.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

IF: Swept

She swept the fallen leaves only for the wind to sweep it as well.

I sketched this on oslo paper using my drawing pen, then colored it with crayons. 
Next, I photographed it and with Photoshop,
changed the flowers to yellow because the leaves don't show
so well with red flowers in the background.
Next, I colored her skin and dress as well.

I hope you like it!

In the past I have done things that could relate to the topic like the following.

But I don't think my skill they were that great because they don't tell much.

Samantha’s Witching Hour print
She rides on a broom in the night sky, the cold midnight air sweeping her hair in a glorious chaos.
Samantha’s Witching Hour by mimamoira

Mima MOiRA Logo print
She's just so beautiful.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

IF: Shadows

Coming up with an illustration for the topic Shadows  was quite difficult for someone who does not work with shadows in her pieces. I gave it a long thought what should be my piece. There were five ideas I considered, three I actually did with ATC's and two that I really liked. I worked them in pen and ink and colored it with my bloody red ballpen. They were photographed and edited in Photoshop. So here they are.

Shadow of Glamour is inspired by Miss Gretchen Baretto, the most glamorous female celebrity ever to walk on Philippine showbiz. She has the most beautiful face I've ever seen and the most gorgeous body ever. Her fashion sense is superb and her beauty is timeless. She must be around 40 years old but she looked just as beautiful as she was when I first saw her running in a yellow bathing suit in movie she did ages ago. She's so lovely that anyone who sits next to her fades into her shadow. She's so glamorous that it my eyes her shadow is lovely shade of red.

Shadow of Glamour print
PREVIEW-the style issue. Gretchen Baretto wears Louis Vuitton
Miss Gretchen Baretto in magazine cover.

Pantene, Gretchen Baretto
Miss Gretchen Baretto in Pantene commercial.
Shadow of a Doubt is a figurative portrait for myself when I was still a teenager. I knew that I was pretty and quite intelligent but a very dark cloud called INSECURITY hang over my head clouding my judgement leading me to make foolish decisions that hurt me in the end. It was quite a struggle to get out of that psychological mess and I'm glad I'm over that phase now.